“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

It is your digital marketing strategy that determines what you’re trying to achieve, the channels to market you select, how you implement those channels and whether or not you accomplish your objectives.

Digital marketing evolves faster than almost any other profession. That’s why we know your strategic plan must be more than a roadmap created at the start of your journey. It must be dynamic and responsive to changes in advertiser developments, competitor activities and new technologies. Yet it must always maintain an absolute focus on the objectives to be achieved.

We accomplish this for you by following the five stages of strategy…


Stage 1 – Objectives

At this stage we identify the goals you need to accomplish from your digital marketing activities. It is important that, wherever possible, we quantify these goals. Your goals might include:

We consider these outcomes to be non-negotiable. They must be achieved in order for the implementation to be considered a success.


Stage 2 – Analysis

During the analysis stage, we gather and evaluate all of the available information. This will include internal information about you, such as:

We then conduct analysis of external factors, including:


Stage 3 – Plan

Now that we’ve identified your objectives and analysed all of the necessary data, we can start creating your digital marketing plan. This stage is all about taking what we’ve learned and building the most effective and efficient way of achieving your objectives.

To reduce your risk we will likely recommend multiple digital channels. Each recommended channel will include a detailed timeline of the steps required for successful implementation.

The plan will also contain a testing schedule. This will cover major tests, such as determining the most powerful and effective value proposition for your target audience, as well as the more granular optimisations of individual advertising platforms.


Stage 4 – Implement

All those long nights of research and number crunching finally come to fruition – your campaigns are going live! This is one of the most exciting stages of the process and where we start to see the initial results from the strategy start to trickle in.

To learn more about our digital channel implementations, visit these pages:


Stage 5 – Optimise

Optimisation – the final and most satisfying of the stages. We really mean that! There is nothing more awesome than optimising a digital marketing channel to the point where your advertising ROI is as predictable as a mathematical formula. This stage starts immediately after implementation and is when the testing plan we made at Stage 3 comes into play. Optimisation is so vital, it takes what are good results and makes them exceptional. It’s also what prevents your results from degrading over time and keeps you ahead of your competition.