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You must be here for one of three reasons. Either you:

  • Want a reliable system to increase client base and sales by 52-327% in 6 weeks
  • Are tired of being sold inflated promises that deliver mediocre results and want to work with a more reputable company
    – OR –
  • You’re yet another competitor coming to steal our proprietary knowledge (in which case, hope you enjoy your time here as much as our clients do)


Here’s the truth: most companies in Australasia are still in the dark ages when it comes to their sales and marketing strategy. And many of those companies will be surpassed by up-and-coming competitors if they don’t integrate modern marketing methods into their operations strategy.

This new digital era has opened up the door for any unqualified, inexperienced, run-of-the-mill, back-of-the-closet newbie to start a “marketing agency” (many of whom are still teenagers).

With so many noisy voices in the market place, it can be hard to know who to trust. To separate the reliable companies from those who are using smoke and mirror magic to appear more successful than they are.

Our team has 25 years experience with building profitable businesses using modern marketing methods. Oliver Hunt, Founder and CEO of Hunt Digital, previously built one of the largest accounting franchise groups in Australia.

Wondering exactly what goes into creating one of these highly-profitable campaigns? Read on…

Triple Your sales in 2 Months

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Turn prospects into clients

A complete end-to-end system for generating high-value clients and increasing revenue

Hunt Digital Marketing

Many agencies use a half-complete model to increase revenue in a business, which often fails. They focus on increasing website traffic or creating ad campaigns, but the leads generated from these efforts are rarely converted.


Because most businesses struggle to understand how to interact with prospects that come in via online channels. As a consequence, majority of the leads generated are lost.

That is why Hunt Digital provides a complete end-to-end system that: generates high-value prospects for your business, provides immersive sales training and builds out systems automation to create a reliable revenue-generating system that can be turned off and on like a tap.

It’s sales and marketing.


Hunt Digital Business-Growth System

The Hunt Digital Business-Growth System is a complete end-to-end program that combines modern digital platforms with age-old human psychology principles.

lead generation

Businesses will run dry without a consistent flow of fresh, new leads coming in.

And, dollar-for-dollar, digital platforms provide the greatest return-on-investment. 

To be frank, advertising in newspapers and on billboards is now an expensive and ineffective exercise. We realise that many businesses still send their marketing budget to die in those places, but it is not the best way forward.


Tracking return-on-investment is near impossible to do through print advertising, it’s costly, and will only reach a broad and vague audience. Compare that to advertising on digital platforms, which allows you to:

Digital Advertising vs Print Advertising


‘Buy my service!’ ‘Hey! Hey! Over here! Buy my service. It’s really great.’ ‘Just hand over your credit card to get started.’

Most people try to make a sale by pushing themselves onto their prospects, before finding out what issues the prospect has and if the service would even suit.

Salesmen still have a mentality of quantity over quality when it comes to selling. If they can push their service out to enough people then surely – surely – someone will buy it. This is fear-based selling and will hurt your business long-term.

Instead, Hunt Digital teaches a more effective way to sell. One based in confidence rather than fear.

The Hunt Digital sales training is based on two core ideas:

Hunt Digital Core Beliefs

These core ideas are largely responsible for the success we have seen with our clients, increasing revenue by up to 530% in as little as three weeks.

PART Three:
lead conversion

Converting leads into clients is where most businesses fall over.

Leads acquired via online advertising are different, particularly when they get extracted from the top of the sales funnel. 

These leads must be nurtured in a particular way to convert into paying clients.

Most digital agencies will avoid leads at the top of the funnel all together due to the perception that they require “more work” to convert.

Knowing how to convert those top-of-funnel leads is akin to printing money.

Our comprehensive conversion system offers a repeatable process, that anyone can follow, to convert prospects into high-paying clients.

PART four:
systems automation

Automating your systems is an important part of the online client-acquisition process.

A well-optimised system will shoulder much of the heavy lifting when it comes to minor administrative tasks.

Tasks such as:

  • Automatic alerts when a new lead has reached out to your company
  • Reminders and prompts to stay on track
  • Up-to-date lead tracking (a live snapshot of where the lead is in the sales process)
  • Automated email communication

Freeing up time that staff would have otherwise spent manually completing these tasks not only reduces your costs, but allows employees to focus on more important parts of the conversion process.

who we work with:

As an exclusive boutique agency, we are selective about who we work with. Clients will usually engage with Hunt Digital long term, rather than a one-off basis.

As the leading strategists and agency-of-choice for some of Australasia’s largest and most prominent brands, we are specialists at delivering high-value marketing plans that deliver a generous ROI.

Result and ROI driven, we are committed to our client’s success.

Ideal Marketing Clients Brisbane

want to book your free business-growth consultation?

Great! Here’s how it works:

During the session I work with you to:

  1. Clearly identify service offerings, target audiences, motivations of the target audiences
  2. Research growth potential utilising the proven HD models and channels to market
  3. Determine which stage of the funnel your leads should be extracted from
  4. Evaluate technology capabilities of your company and determine what enhancements are required
  5. Understand the sales capability of your organisation; plan training requirements and fill in knowledge gaps to increase conversion rates

You will be working directly with our team and other essential members of your company.

But here’s the catch…

Our Business-Growth Consultations are not sales pitches (some companies give away “free” consults disguised as a sales grab)Our session together is a genuine consult that others have paid thousands for.

We do not want to waste your valuable time or resources (or ours, if we are being honest). That means we are selective about our clients.

Businesses that are genuinely interested in increasing their revenue and improving profitability. Businesses that are open minded and willing to make essential changes to reach the financial targets they desire.